Parsian Purchase Cards 

This type of card was initially designed and offered to personnel of organizations by PECCO aiming at replacing non-cash coupons. The name of the card is driven from its nature and now there is suitable ground prepared for proportioning the customer's needs and demands for this kind of card. Therefore, organization and customer groups concluded contracts with PECCO can use POS devices at certain stores and/or apply for inserting the desirable design, color and logo of their company or organization on the relevant cards.

Most Important Advantages of Parsian Purchase Cards

-    Eliminating the problem relating to printing, distribution and use of paper coupons at organizations 
-    Variation in selecting shopping centers for card holders
-    Granting the right to choose the products required to the card holder
-    Being benefited by the capability of recharging the card at once 
-    Possibility of designing the card appropriate to the needs of the organizations
-    Being benefited by support services all across the country