A Short Profile of Parsian E-Commerce Company (PECCO)

Parsian E-Commerce Company (PECCO) was incorporated as a "Private Joint-Stock Company" in 2000, and pursuant to the minutes of the Extraordinary General Assembly, dated July 17, 2010, the legal type of the Company was changed from "Private Joint-Stock" to "Public Joint-Stock". By virtue of the licenses obtained from the Central Bank of the I.R. of Iran, concerning providing all kinds of services in the field of electronic payment, and also those obtained from the Ministry of Industries & Mines, concerning software production, PECCO has mainly focused its activities on POS systems and ATMs, providing virtual payment systems using internet and cell phones, issuance and personalization of debit and credit cards, presenting software systems for management of payment transactions, and providing switching services to banks and financial institutions, etc.

Benefiting from its capabilities and capacity for new technologies, PECCO, during its period of activity, has managed to introduce new services and products for the very first time in the field of electronic payments.

Now, the POS network of PECCO is active all across the country, making use of about 600,000 POS devices at more than 680 cities, and provides the required support services in all provinces of the country through 35 representation offices and also several agencies. Moreover, thousands of private and public organizations provide their customers with products and services through virtual payment systems of PECCO.

From amongst the most important banks entered into contracts with PECCO, we can point out to Parsian Bank, Tejarat Bank, Bank Sepah, Bank Hekmat Iranian, Tose'e Ta'avon Bank, Sina Bank, Bank Day, Bank Maskan, Refah Bank and Mehr Iranian Qarz Al-Hasaneh Bank, and the contracts concluded by and between this Company and the aforementioned banks are all concerned with connection and maintenance of recipients' clearing accounts with these banks. 

Being benefited by a reputable brand, variety of products and services required by customers, the most geographically widespread networks for providing banks and financial institutions with sales and after-sale services, the most modern centers for issuance and personalization of bank cards all across the country with the capacity of issuing and delivering more than 20 thousands of cards per day, appropriate infrastructures and technical knowledge, specialized and experienced personnel, capacity of  producing software systems inside the Company, holding a significant share of the market in terms of the volume of electronic payment transactions, and capacity to provide card services at an international level are considered the key strengths of PECCO in the network of electronic payment.