In order to develop its electronic payment services and meeting the needs and requirements of banks and financial institutions for Automatic Teller Machines, PECCO has concluded exclusive contracts with King Teller Company as one of the most reputable companies engaged in manufacturing ATM all across the world. In addition to banks and financial institutions, all the organizations, companies, shopping centers, etc. can also make use of the Automatic Teller Machines provided by PECCO.

PECCO provides Automatic Teller Machines in three types of Wall ATM, On-Premise ATM and Off-Premise ATM. By providing the required technical infrastructures and attracting experienced manpower, PECCO is able to widely procure, install and setup ATMs for applicants and through more than 35 representation offices all across the country and relevant agencies in major cities, PECCO is now capable of providing the installed ATMs with the required support and repair services.

PECCO Services for ATM

-    Procurement, installation and setting up ATMs 
-    Manufacturing kiosks, cabin, etc. for securing the ATMs installed
-    Monitoring operations of ATMs and providing the required support services 
-    Providing maintenance services for the ATMs installed
-    Specialized repairs and hardware troubleshooting of the ATMs installed
-    Supplying cash and performing financial operations required for the ATMs installed