Fixed POS 

PECCO, as the very first Company providing electronic payment services, has acted to install POS devices countrywide during the recent years and is recognized as one of the most effective and top PSP companies of the country in terms of sustainable development of providing electronic payment services at the moment. Being benefited by the maximum volume of transactions attracted since the very date of the Company's establishment and the widest network of POS devices, PECCO has succeeded in providing itself with a high standing in the e-commerce arena of the country. 

In order to prepare a safe platform for providing POS services and supporting the same, PECCO has acted to obtain representations from Bitel Company and Demco Company, and based on the relevant contracts concluded by and between PECCO and these companies, PECCO is exclusively assigned the responsibility for marketing and sale of POS devices and provision of after-sale services of the said companies in Iran.
Also, according to the plans formulated and negotiations carried out with the aforementioned companies, production of such acceptance tools is set on the business agenda of the Company for the time being.

Advantages of POS Stations

-    Ability of connecting POS device to PC and cash register of store
-    Capacity to implement motivational plans based on online lottery considering purchases made through POS devices
-    Ability of implementing loyalty programs 
-    Having access to credit balance of recipient, viewing and printing the transactions performed
-    Ability of remittance into several accounts of recipient 
-    Capacity to recharge prepaid SIM cards 
-    Ability of utility bills payment
-    Ability of applying for support services by recipients through POS device
-    Capacity to provide B2B payment services for contracting companies and organizations, etc.