Portable POS (GPRS)

From amongst the achievements which can be used for transmitting data on wireless networks for the time being, we can point out to GPRS technology. Being benefited by appropriately secured structures, this technology has quickly entered the economic and banking arenas of business over and above the industries involved in providing cell phone services and communications equipment, and from amongst the applications of this technology in the field of electronic payments, we can point out to wireless POS terminals, which has had a significant effect on development of electronic transactions during the recent years.

Adopting a new approach to developing electronic payment services based on modern technologies by establishing appropriate software and hardware infrastructures and also the required communications and security infrastructures, such as SSL, 3DES, RSA, etc., PECCO have provided its customers with the ability to use portable POS devices, so that it is made possible for them to facilitate and enhance the relevant process of selling products and services and financial transactions. This generation of POS devices can be connected to the banking network with the aid of cell phone system services and is capable of performing necessary transactions at a high pace by using GPRS platform services.

Advantages of Portable POS Devices

-    Capacity of enhanced portability
-    Not relying on land line telephone service 
-    Being benefited by high security standards for data transmission 
-    Ability of using battery instead of electrical power and capacity of saving energy by rechargeable Li-Ion Cell batteries
-    Receiving the funds resulted from selling products and services at the purchaser's place
-    Removing financial discrepancies relating to collecting funds through distribution vehicles 
-    Accelerating the pace and security of collecting funds resulted from distributor's sale
-    Not being subject to any time and/or space constraints for collecting funds
-    Generating reports on funds received instantaneously and without any need for the device
-    Being benefited by a high pace in transferring transactions of PECCO
-    Using data SIM cards 
-    Equipped with internal upgradable memory with MMC & SD card